August 2021 Meeting

Our monthly meeting is Monday, August 9 at 7:30PM, at White Rock Alehouse. We’ll meet on the patio as usual, with a free drink for all members. Pre meeting lap ‘o the lake at 6:30.

July 2021 Meeting

Our monthly meeting for July is Monday July 12th at 7:30 pm at White Rock Ale House.

For those that are interested in working up an appetite, we can do a lap of White Rock Lake at 6:30 from the Ale House parking lot weather permitting.

Holiday Ride and Rallies

Mirage Holiday Rides are back! Join your teammates and friends for a 52 mile ride Monday, July 5 at 7:35AM at T&P Hill at White Rock Lake.

The ride will start with a group photo at 7:30.

June 2021 Meeting

We hope to see you at the June meeting Monday, June 14 at 7:30PM at the White Rock Ale House. The club will buy your first drink. Bring your stories as there has been lots of activity last month!

Work on your heat acclimation with a hot but easy lap around the lake at 6:30 from the Ale House parking lot!


Rallies are back! Be sure and check the various websites carefully for restrictions, pre-registration requirements, and participation limits! Post on the Mirage Team Members Facebook page if you plan on going to any!

Online Store is Open!

The online apparel store from Hyperthreads is now open until June 5th. Once you make your order and the store closes, you will receive your order within 4 or 5 weeks at your address. Note the images on the store will not show the new Bike Mart logo, but your new order will have it on the jerseys and shorts.

Please remind everyone to get their order in soon.

May 2021 Meeting

Join us at White Rock Ale House Monday May 10th at 7:30PM for our monthly club meeting. We’ll be handing out Mirage T shirts along with the usual free drink.

Hopefully we’ll have a pre-meeting ride starting from the Ale house at 6:30 if the weather cooperates.

April 2021 Meeting

We hope you are getting some miles in this spring as it looks like rallies are coming back this year!

Our club meeting is 7:30PM Monday, April 12 at the White Rock Ale House. As usual, the club will buy your first drink. Please remember to turn in any points for races, rallies, or blood donations you have accumulated over the last several months.

We will do a pre-meeting easy lap of the lake starting from the Ale House at 6:30. Join us!

March 2021 Meeting

After a long wait for better weather, Monday, March 8th looks to be favorable for an outdoor meeting at White Rock Ale House at 7:30. As usual, the club will buy your first drink.

February 2021 Meeting

The February Mirage meeting is scheduled for Monday the 8th. However, as we again find ourselves concerned about the safety of holding a team meeting indoors, we have decided to cancel this month’s club meeting.