Save the dates for the upcoming Mirage Hill Country Camp. The camp will be based out of Fredericksburg, Friday Oct. 7 thru Sunday Oct. 9.

Tentative Ride Schedule

Thursday Pre-Camp Ride

A pre-camp Medina to Vanderpool Ride for those who want to arrive a day early. The start point is a one-hour drive from Fredericksburg. This is a challenging ride in both distance and elevation. The route runs through some fairly undeveloped areas meaning not much infrastructure in the way of convenience stores and such. This ride is recommended only for riders with a high degree of confidence they can handle the route. If you are “unsure” if you are up for it, then you should probably pass on this one as we probably will not have a support vehicle available.

Download the route from RideWithGPS here.

Friday – Day 1

Ride to Comfort Via Bat Cave Rd. We have two two ride options on similar routes with one being 58 miles and the other 77 miles.

Download the route from RideWithGPS here.

Saturday – Day 2

Ride to Doss. Need we say more?

Download the route from RideWithGPS here.

Sunday – Day 3

Ride to Lukenbach. See the historic town made famous by Willie Nelson!

Download the route from RideWithGPS here.

Tentative Weekend Schedule

We plan to make these rides inclusive for varied skill and fitness levels. We may divide the Friday and Saturday into two groups, with the B group leaving earlier than the A group so everyone finishes close together.

We will have ride leaders and “sweepers” for the rides and we discourage riders going off the front, pressuring the ride. Following difficult climbs, we will “regroup” to try to stay together.

Unfortunately, we may have limited SAG capability, so please review the rideWithGPS routes provided above to determine if these routes are something you are up for before you decide to join us. We will have more information as the camp draws nearer.

If you decide these rides are not for you but you still want to come and join in on the fun, you are certainly welcome. We can always use support vehicle drivers! We have the vehicles to carry bikes and extra passengers. We just need a couple extra drivers.

On Saturday, the Hoyts have invited us to their ranch post ride. The current plan is to cater the food and we will ask a for the per head cost. BYOB.

All rides except the Thursday to Vanderpool will start at Gillespie County Park just off Main St. in Downtown Fredericksburg.


Fredericksburg has many accommodation options. We have reserved 20 rooms at the Sunday House in downtown Fredericksburg, not far from the ride start. All rooms are double queen with an extra small room convenient for storing bikes. We have a group rate of $160.00 per room which includes a complimentary breakfast and a microwave and mini fridge in each room. to accommodate our bikes, we have requested as many as possible on the ground floor. The rooms are available to us until Sept. 15 and are booked under Mirage Cycling Team. Please call and make your reservations!

If you plan to join us on our ride adventure, please email dsimcoe(at)yahoo(dot)com. We’d like to keep track of how many will attend and have your email for sending out updates.