We want to clarify some details on the Bike Mart Rewards program.

Club members get 10% back on purchases. Bike Mart will send an email in January and July with your current Bike Mart Rewards. This email includes purchases made during the previous 6 months. Rewards must be redeemed within 30 days either with a purchase or by putting them on a gift card.

The program is meant to reward loyal customers. The rewards are non- transferable. Abuse of the system may lead to its discontinuation.

Each month Mirage sends a current roster of members to Bike Mart so they know who our members are and can track their purchases. Since they user your phone number, please make sure you provide your correct phone number when you join or renew your membership on BikeReg.

When you buy something at Bike Mart, they should ask for your phone number. If they don’t, speak up! This is also a good time to ensure you are associated with the correct phone number.

If you are a Categorized racer holding a current USAC license, your Rewards category may be different. Contact Dave Parks for more information regarding this.