Happy New Year, Mirage members!

Our first meeting of the new year is scheduled for 7:30PM Monday, January 10, at White Rock Ale House.  Points for November and December may be turned in at another meeting if you choose not to come.  One free drink as always.

New Sponsors

Mirage welcomes our new sponsors for 2022:

Laura Booty Insurance

Laura is affiliated with IHC Specialty Benefits and would love to help you with your health insurance needs. Many Mirage members have worked with Laura and highly recommend her! Visit her website or her Facebook page for more information.

Westlake Brewing Company

Westlake is a craft brewery in Deep Ellum and is a welcome stop on many rides for Mirage members. Stop in and thank Art for his support!

Rally of the Month

The January Rally of the Month is the Spinistry Texas Chainring Massacre on January 22. Have fun and get dirty!

USA Cycling Membership

Mirage members may want to check out the benefits of a USA Cycling membership even if you are not a racer. Entry level memberships have many benefits including a subscription to VeloNews (Peloton) magazine and a $25,000 no deductible insurance policy for injuries sustained while cycling.

Check out the details at their website or learn more about USA Cycling here.