The July Mirage meeting is this coming Monday, July 8th at 7:30PM. It will be at the White Rock Ale House, 7331 Gaston Ave, near Garland Rd/East Grand. First beer and some appetizers is on the Club.

The weather looks good for a pre-meeting social lap clockwise around the lake starting  at 6:30PM from the Ale House parking lot. Yes it will be HOT but that will only make the free beer taste better. The club will provide appetizers and a free drink

Kit Update

The Hyper Threads fit are scheduled to be completed around July 11th. After that they will be shipped to us which should take 5 business days, so we expect to receive the new kits sometime after July 18.

Points Reminder!!!

Don’t forget to fill out the Mirage Points Reimbursement form for all of your May activities and bring it to the meeting. Go here for an explanation of the Points. Remember, Points are worth gift certificates from our sponsor Richardson Bike Mart